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Black Tusk

Dominating the view from the peak of Whistler Mountain, Black Tusk makes for a great weekend adventure.

Story by Patrick Hui August 2nd, 2014

Hiking to Garibaldi Lake

Where we would spend the night before tomorrows hike/scramble…

DSCN2847 (Large).jpg
DSCN2844 (Large).jpg
DSCN2848 (Large).jpg
DSCN2852 (Large).jpg
DSCN2855 (Large).jpg
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DSCN2861 (Large).jpg

Beautiful Vistas

Lend themselves to some great views as the sun sets.

DSCN2874 (Large).jpg
DSCN2894 (Large).jpg
DSCN2901 (Large).jpg
DSCN2903 (Large).jpg

CLimbing up from the lake

Into the subalpine we go…

DSCN2908 (Large).jpg
DSCN2910 (Large).jpg
DSCN2912 (Large).jpg
DSCN2918 (Large).jpg
DSCN2924 (Large).jpg
DSCN2926 (Large).jpg
DSCN2927 (Large).jpg

Black Tusk beacons us closer

After reaching the end of the trail we followed the scree slope to the base of the ancient volcanic neck.

DSCN2962 (Large).jpg
DSCN2929 (Large).jpg
DSCN2934 (Large).jpg
DSCN2945 (Large).jpg
DSCN2949 (Large).jpg
DSCN2952 (Large).jpg
DSCN2957 (Large).jpg
DSCN2960 (Large).jpg
DSCN2961 (Large).jpg


A brief but steep chimney brings you up to the top of the tusk where it was a short walk to the peak.
DSCN2974 (Large).jpg
DSCN2978 (Large).jpg
DSCN2985 (Large).jpg
DSCN2976 (Large).jpg
DSCN2977 (Large).jpg
DSCN2979 (Large).jpg
DSCN2989 (Large).jpg
DSCN2991 (Large).jpg
DSCN2987 (Large).jpg


Spectacular views of Mt Garibaldi, Garibaldi Lake, Panorama Ridge awaited us at the top.

DSCN2990 (Large).jpg
DSCN2992 (Large).jpg
DSCN2993 (Large).jpg
DSCN2994 (Large).jpg
DSCN2997 (Large).jpg
DSCN3000 (Large).jpg
DSCN3007 (Large).jpg


Back down the chimney and to the Rubble Creek trailhead.

DSCN3020 (Large).jpg
DSCN3023 (Large).jpg
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Garibaldi Provincial Park, Fraser Valley C, BC, Canada